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Guide 19-08-2019

Boxing Betting

Betting Boxing Guide We don’t, however, recommend placing wagers on a heavyweight bout. ‘Heavyweight contests are unpredictable. One big punch can change everything. You can have a safer bet with the lighter weights.’ Top Rated Sports Betting Websites Who’s the idiot at ringside? One thing you must always take into account when betting on boxing […]

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sports betting
Guide 19-08-2019

Betting Exchange Guide

Sports Betting Exchange Guide That’s an amazing number, yet there are still thousands of regular gamblers who either have no idea how an exchange works or are afraid of the concept, at least partly because of the scare stories bandied around by selfish bookies trying to knock the new kid on the block down to […]

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financial markets
Finance 19-08-2019

Financial Markets – Understanding

Financial Markets The eminent French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, was essentially funded to try and understand the laws of chance so his wealthy patrons might get an edge. He came up with the idea of probability, which led to statistics and the rest, as the cliché goes, is history. In the stock market, the leading theory […]

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Guide 30-10-2017

Bookies – Bets They Hate

Bookies – Bets Explained One of the major advantages you have as a punter is choice. The main one is the team you bet on – how you reach to that decision is the most important thing in betting. If you continue to bet on losers, you are going to lose regardless of how many […]

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