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Football-Betting 13-10-2019

College Football

College Football Betting The college football season is one of the most lucrative times of the year for sports books around the world. College football betting offers a wide variety of bet types and a weekly schedule that keeps both casual and professional bettors invested in the season. I always check the previous weeks college […]

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Guide 12-10-2019

College Basketball Picks And NBA Basketball Odds

College Basketball Picks The college basketball season is a great time for basketball betting profits and Basketball Odds. Our NCAA basketball handicappers work year round so our members can enjoy extreme profits when tailing our college basketball betting picks. Watching off season recruiting and getting the inside word from college campuses are keys to handicapping […]

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tennis betting guide
Tennis 25-09-2019

Have an Alternative Way of Making Money Through Tennis Betting

Tennis Betting Guide Although the word betting indicates a forbidden world involved in money and other outlawed activities, there are many countries in the world at the same time where betting is considered to be a very popular job. This popularity of betting largely comes from its offering of making some extra quick bucks. The […]

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Learn to play golf
Guide 22-09-2019

Golf Tips – Learning How To Play Golf

Learning Tips –  How To Play Golf Golf Manners The activity of golf has many guidelines. Because the experience is performed with so many others close by, there is a need for golf social manners as well. Following appropriate social manners shows respect for the course as well as the other gamers and creates for […]

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Cricket bettting
Guide 22-09-2019

Cricket Betting

Cricket Bet Tipping Cricket bet tipping ensures that you receive all of the latest cricket news and betting odds before you place your cricket bet. Cricket tipping happens between friends and family and especially in the office as colleagues tend to chat about sport and chat about who they think will win the forthcoming cricket […]

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Horse Racing - Ownership
Guide 16-09-2019

Horse Racing – Ownership

Horse Racing – Ownership Explained Up to now this flat season, 3 of the Classics run both sides of the Irish Sea have been won by horses owned by the aristocracy. However, owning a horse is becoming a lot more popular with Joe Paychecks of the world than ever. Horse lovers from all areas of […]

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Horse Racing Information
News 16-09-2019

Horse Racing – Losing Horses

Horse Racing Information – Losing Horses With exchanges popping up all over the place you can place a wager on just about anything – be it a greyhound, horse or team – to lose. All those useless nags you had bet on at Aintree on Saturday could have turned into wonderfully profitable, useless nags if […]

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News 15-09-2019

Leonardo Bonucci Transfer Rumours

Leonardo Bonucci transfer to Chelsea rumours? Are the rumors true? Rumors broke out early last year that Antonio Conte would be moving to Chelsea as the new club manager, the question on many people’s lips was whether Leonardo would be accompanying him to the club. This, of course, would have been the ideal case scenario […]

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England team 2020
News 15-09-2019

Team GB for Olympic football Games at Tokyo 2020

Football Team GB might be back in Olympic Games football at Tokyo 2020, as per British Olympic Association CEO Bill Sweeney. England made an exemption when entering men’s and ladies’ groups for the 2012 Olympics in London in the wake of having stopped to contend in the competition after 1974 when standards were changed to […]

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Horse Racing Tote Scoop 6
Guide 11-09-2019

Horse Racing – Tote Scoop

Horse Racing – Tote Scoop 6   The Tote Scoop6 is the horsey equivalent of the Lottery for the more discerning. Both offer gamblers the potential to win large sums for a very small amount wagered. Over 100,000 players every week are investing in the Tote Scoop6, in the belief that they are in control […]

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