College Football


College Football Betting

The college football season is one of the most lucrative times of the year for sports books around the world. College football betting offers a wide variety of bet types and a weekly schedule that keeps both casual and professional bettors invested in the season. I always check the previous weeks college football scores, to see how the teams have performed so far this year. In addition to a wide array of the betting options for this weeks games, there are advanced future bets on conference winners, the national championship game, and the Heisman Trophy race.

Betting On Individual Games

The simplest and most conservative way of betting on college football is betting on individual games. Bettors can either place a wager on which team they think will win a particular game straight up, or they can wager against a point spread. When betting on a game’s “money line,” betting on the team that is favored to win the game will result in winning less money that you wagered, while betting on an underdog can result in a winning pot of more money than you wagered. The point spread of a game is meant to split this difference, in which the favored team must win by a certain amount of points in order to “cover” the spread. Another option bettors have is to bet on the over or under line for the game.

This line refers to the total amount of combined points scored by both teams in a particular contest.Bettors who wish to wager on two or more games at the same time have the option to parlay their bets. In a parlay, you must win all the bets you placed in order to win the bet, but the amount you earn is multiplied for each extra team you add to the parlay. Parlay bets can be wagered either straight up or against the spread, and bettors even have the option of combining money line and point spread bets in the same parlay. Bettors at can also combine over/under bets into a parlay as well.A teaser is a type of bet similar to a parlay. Teasers allow bettors who may not feel entirely comfortable with the point spread of a game, but that do not want to bet on the money line, to move the point spread in their favor for a certain cost.

Sports books have a variety of options for futures bets

A teaser bet can feature two or more teams, but all teams must cover their point spreads in order for the bet to be a winner.Bettors who are looking to wager on things other than individual games have options as well. Sports books have a variety of options for futures bets, which can include things like the amount of wins certain teams will have in the upcoming season, the winners of conferences, and the national champion. Bettors can also bet on individual players’ statistics for both certain individual games and for the entire season. Season-end awards like the Heisman Trophy race, Coach of the Year, and other individual awards have their own lines at most sports books that offer college football betting as well.