Basketball 25-01-2022

How Vegas Became the Top Betting Destination

Insider Tips on How Vegas Comes Up With Lines   Most bettors will find that the opening lines for sports events are usually well balanced. When it comes to making money in the sports betting industry, being early with your money is just as important as being late. If you take a look at all […]

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books for sport betting on soccer
Basketball 25-01-2022

How to Bet on the Right Sports for Highest Winnings

How can I win big in a football bet? How can I be successful in betting Regardless of the complexities involved in picking a winner, many people enjoy trying their hand at football betting. If you are planning to get into this pastime then read on for some helpful advice that will ensure that you […]

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online sports betting
Basketball 24-01-2022

What are the best reputable sites for online sports betting

The internet is a haven for all kinds of betting, and one in particular: sports betting. Sites like rank among the best in the online gambling industry; they provide an easy platform to bet on any sport you wish from soccer to tennis to cricket and beyond. There are hundreds of sites that offer […]

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online sports-betting
Football-Betting 30-12-2021

Is betting on sports legal in any country

Is online betting on sports legal in any country? There are many countries who allow this. Here is a list of them: United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France (The French Penal Code prohibits all forms of gambling with the exception of state-run lotteries.), Germany (Although found to be unconstitutional by many […]

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Football-Betting 13-10-2019

College Football

College Football Betting The college football season is one of the most lucrative times of the year for sports books around the world. College football betting offers a wide variety of bet types and a weekly schedule that keeps both casual and professional bettors invested in the season. I always check the previous weeks college […]

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football betting
Football-Betting 20-09-2019

Football betting can be addictive

Online Football Betting Can Be Addictive There is a draw to see the sport. There is excitement from winning the game. And this emotion doubles if you win money for a victory! However, football betting can also be confusing. There are all sorts of options, most of which are designed to separate you from your […]

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football betting lines
Football-Betting 13-09-2019

Football betting lines and football betting odds

Football betting lines and football betting odds explained Football betting lines and odds for the NFL, College, CFL, AFL and Soccer football betting at SBG Global. Football is a game beloved around the world. It doesn’t matter if you bet on the NFL or Manchester United, you must have some football betting strategies in place […]

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Football - In-Running Betting
Football-Betting 20-08-2019

Football – In-Running Betting

Football – In-Running Betting Explained For the people brought up making sure they had placed their evening wagers before the manager of the local Ladbrokes had paid off on the last at Goodwood, the speedy, in-your-face action of in-running betting has come as quite an eye-opener. 10 years ago, the chances to get a wager […]

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Football - Correct Score Betting
Football-Betting 20-08-2019

Football – Correct Score Betting

Football – Correct Score Betting Explained On October 1st last year, Man United went to play against Stuttgart, while Chelsea played Besiktas at home. The English teams were hot favorites, but it turned out to be a bad night for both of them. Who would have known that United would lose 2-1 and Chelsea would […]

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asian football
Football-Betting 20-08-2019

Football – Asian Handicapping

Football – Asian Handicapping Explained Despite their prominence across Asia, where they are absolutely the popular way to bet on football, it’s not really a surprise that handicaps are still a mystery for many British gamblers. Faced with the prospect of betting on teams with the seemingly nonsensical head start of a half or a […]

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