Football betting lines and football betting odds

football betting lines

Football betting lines and football betting odds explained

Football betting lines and odds for the NFL, College, CFL, AFL and Soccer football betting at SBG Global.
Football is a game beloved around the world. It doesn’t matter if you bet on the NFL or Manchester United, you must have some football betting strategies in place to maximize your return at any sportsbook. Some of these betting strategies may have a great week, a great month or perhaps even a great year but none of them are going to work every single time. You will need to adapt your football betting accordingly.

The strategies below are NFL betting strategies designed to assist you in handicapping NFL, College, NFL Europe, CFL or AFL football betting games. Please visit the soccer betting page for information on football betting from around the world.

Take The Points When Considering Football Betting Lines Or Football Odds

That is about as simple as it gets when you talk about NFL football betting or Monday night football betting. Since football betting is so popular we know that the public is going to be driving up the football odds and football lines every week. One undeniable fact about NFL betting is that the public bets the favorites far more than the underdogs when doing NFL betting. This makes sense since everyone wants to be with the winner team.

The problem with that theory in NFL football betting is that sometimes it is hard to determine which team is better and, of course, football gambling odds involved. If betting the favorite worked every time, then sports betting players could have retired years ago! Betting the underdog and taking the football gambling odds really works well in NFL football betting because of the “public factor” and because the NFL is parity driven. Since the NFL is a very competitive league, it makes sense to take the football gambling point spreads for NFL payoffs.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Against The Public When Betting Football

How many times do you hear every week of the NFL betting season about how good a team is and how they can’t possibly lose this week against the football gambling lines? How many times do they actually lose though in football betting spread online? Sometimes when we go against the public it is as simple as going against a big football betting line move, but very often it is more geared toward public perception when looking at football gambling spreads at offshore sportsbooks. It is very easy to determine these “public” teams because nearly every football handicapper and tout in the world is going to be picking them in football betting spreads online.

Then you should go the other way and get NFL payoffs in the football gambling spread online. The biggest reason for this is the huge amount of public money that flows in on NFL teams as you gamble on football and look at offshore NFL football betting odds. Very often the public money will outdo the wise guy money in terms of NFL betting. This makes going against the public very attractive indeed when you are gambling on football.

Take The Road Team

When you talk about NFL betting, three things that are very unpopular are: taking the underdogs, taking the points against the football betting line, and taking the road teams in offshore NFL football betting. Most of the time NFL bettors want to take the home team in football betting online. Since we know this when gambling on NFL football betting, guess who else knows this as well? You are right, the football gambling lines maker knows. In reality, he almost always jacks up the football gambling spreads on the home team because he knows the public will want to bet them first. Now, if you get a home team that is also laying football gambling odds online and is a public team, you have extra value on the road team because they meet all three of our NFL betting strategies in offshore NFL betting.