How to Increase Your Sports Betting Online Winning Percentage

sports betting winning

Very often the difference between winning and losing at sports betting online is just a matter of a few points here or there. Since sports betting online comes down to winning more games than you lose, every advantage you can get is very helpful. Increasing your sports betting online winning percentage is something that can be done without good handicapping. What do I mean by that you ask?

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If you are serious sports betting online gambler then you probably have an online sportsbook account with more than one sportsbook. If you have an account at only one sportsbook you will have no choice but to either accept the line they display, or not play the game at all. If you have more than one sportsbook to choose from you can compare the lines and wager with the one that offers you the best opportunity to win your wager.

Sports betting online is difficult enough, so you want every advantage you can get, and that includes the extra half points when you can get them. Many sports betting online experts estimate that you can increase your win percentage by as much as 3 or 4 percent just by getting the best line on the games that you play. It is critical to get that extra half-point or the full point because it helps your sports betting bottom line at the end of the season. It can turn losses into ties, ties into wins, and sometimes it will turn losses into wins. All of us know that when we get involved in sports betting online that each half point or full point in our favor can be crucial.

Two other things that will help you increase your sports betting online bottom line are reduced juice and bonuses. If you can save a few percentage points here and there it really does add up. It could be that you lay -105 instead of -110 sometimes, or it might be that you get a 20 percent bonus when depositing money. Every advantage offered by the sportsbook helps your sports betting online total at the end of the year and that is what is important. You do want to be aware of the requirements when dealing with reduced juice and bonuses though. Some sportsbooks have certain days with the lower vig, while others require rollovers for you to collect your bonus.

Be sure and look at the rules regarding each of them at the sportsbook you choose. There are numerous ways to increase your sports betting online bottom line. Sometimes it is as simple as getting a better number on a game, while other times it will include reduced vig on a bet or it could be getting bonuses on a regular basis. The bottom line for you is to make sure to take advantage of every little thing you can. When you total up your wins and losses at the end of the season those little things like lower vig, bonuses, and extra half points will definitely help your overall bottom line, and that is the ultimate goal.